What We Do


We teach a variety of meditation and mindfulness practices. We tailor our teaching to fit your needs, interests and skills. Anyone can meditate and we are committed to helping you find a way to bring the benefits of meditation and mindfulness into your life.

We welcome and embrace everyone regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, economic status, political affiliation, religious affiliation, nationality or any other identity whether you are a beneficiary of the dominant culture or a member of any marginalized group.

We welcome you as you are and help you build mindfulness and meditation practices that fit you, your lifestyle, your life.


Why It Matters


Imagine if people in the world were more self-aware, more responsive, more kind and compassionate toward themselves and one another. What if people worked together and collaborated to co-create a better world for everyone?

Personal peace is the beginning of world peace.

Mindfulness is the foundational skill that makes all of this possible.

Taylor-Made or Off-the-Shelf



We offer services specifically crafted for you and your needs. We have the skills, staff and flexibility to co-create any kind of mindfulness and meditation practice, class or presentation anywhere. If you don’t see what you need, contact us.


Individual Meditation Coaching


You can book an individual 45-minute meditation coaching session with one of our meditation instructors tailored just for you. Individual coaching can help you develop a practice, deepen your practice, apply mindfulness and meditation to a specific area in your life, or help you overcome obstacles.


Mindful Psychotherapy


We have several licensed psychotherapists who use mindfulness and meditation as some of their tools to help you reclaim your life from psychological and emotional problems.


Corporate & Onsite Meditation Services


One of our corporate or onsite mindfulness instructors can arrange a program for you at our location or yours. We can present a pre-packaged class or craft a class or retreat to meet your specific needs. Our programs can be weekly classes, one-time presentations of any length, one-time or multiple meditation instructions during a corporate retreat, and more.

Kinds of Classes

We have a variety of class styles to fit every need from Drop-In single classes to retreats for extended learning and practice. If we don't offer what you're looking for, contact us to discuss how we might tailor make a class, series, workshop, retreat or event for you.


Drop-In Class


Drop-In classes are available to anyone with any level of practice. They are intended to stand alone. You integrate them into your knowledge and practices from wherever you are. Drop-Ins are usually 30-45 minutes with a brief talk or introduction to a practice followed by a guided meditation.




Class series allow you to deepen your practice over time. Each class session in a series presents information and practices that build upon previous sessions and culminate in a package of coordinated knowledges and practices.




A Workshop is a one-time special event focused on a specific area of knowledge and practice. A Workshop is usually 1.5 - 2 hours.




Retreat is an extended period of learning and practice. Half-Day (3 hours) or Day-Long (6 hours) retreats can help you deepen your practice and increase your ability to meditate by maintaining extended periods of mindfulness. A retreat usually consists of silence throughout the day, some instruction, sitting meditation and walking meditation.