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CALM - Cultivating a Loving Mind (Drop-In)

C.A.L.M: Cultivating A Loving Mind 

Mindfulness meditation, the practice of being non-judgmentally aware of the present moment, has been shown in studies to enhance emotion regulation. Emotion regulation refers to strategies that can influence which emotions arise and when, how long they occur, and how these emotions are experienced and expressed.

Oftentimes, the way we respond to emotions has its roots in our childhood, family and social systems. Using exploration, cognitive tools and meditation, we can begin to rewire our embedded emotional reactivity and begin to replace it with strategies that are more suited to our current needs.

This drop in series of classes will focus on 2 specific areas:

  1. Working with common afflictive emotions.
  2. Developing beneficial emotions to increase well being, emotional balance and happiness. 

Each class can be taken individually; however, series participation is suggested to receive the full benefit of the practices offered.

  • July 10 Week 1: Working with Afflictive Emotions: Introduction
  • July 17 Week 2: Stress
  • July 24 Week 3: Fear
  • July 31 Week 4: Anxiety
  • Aug 7 Week 5: Depression
  • Aug 14 Week 6: Anger
  • Aug 21 Week 7: Loneliness/Isolation
  • Aug 28 Week 8: Developing with Beneficial Emotions: Introduction
  • Sept 4 Week 9: Acceptance
  • Sept 11 Week 10: Equanimity
  • Sept 18 Week 11: Compassion for Others
  • Sept 25 Week 12: Compassion for Self
  • Oct 2 Week 13: Loving kindness
  • Oct 9 Week 14: Forgiveness
  • Oct 16 Week 15: Appreciative Joy
  • Oct 23 Week 16: Gratitude
  • Oct 30 Week 17: Contentment
  • Nov 6: No class


Jules Rodriguez

Jules Rodriguez.png

Jules Rodriguez is a licensed chiropractor and massage therapist in practice for over 20 years. She was introduced to meditation 30 years ago in a recovery program, and was immediately aware of the positive changes that occur through regular practice. She has a daily meditation practice, and when she's not on the cushion she endeavors to bring mindfulness to everything she does. She is currently enrolled in the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center's (MARC) Trained Mindfulness Facilitator Program

CALM - Cultivating a Loving Mind
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