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Mindful Interventions for Stress, Anxiety & Depression #4: Cultivating Positive States (Drop-In)

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Learn the mindfulness and meditation practices that can ease the negative effects of stress, anxiety and depression. These practices can interrupt or stall the increasing intensity or frequency of trouble associated with these common problems and they can begin to decrease the intensity, frequency and duration of trouble that's already a too common part of your life.

All of the classes and dates in this series are listed below:


  • 2/6/18 - Class 4/6: Cultivating Positive Mental, Emotional and Physical states


  • 2/13/18 - Class 5/6: Detaching from Negative Habits and Narratives
  • 2/20/18 - Class 6/6: Engagement and Equanimity: finding what’s meaningful to you, and creating balance and calm regardless of circumstance


Jules Rodriguez

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Jules Rodriguez is a licensed chiropractor and massage therapist in practice for over 20 years. She was introduced to meditation 30 years ago in a recovery program, and was immediately aware of the positive changes that occur through regular practice. She has a daily meditation practice, and when she's not on the cushion she endeavors to bring mindfulness to everything she does. She is currently enrolled in the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center's (MARC) Trained Mindfulness Facilitator Program