Drop-In classes are available to anyone with any level of practice. They stand alone. You integrate them into your knowledge and practices from wherever you are. Drop-Ins are usually 30-45 minutes with a brief talk or introduction to a practice followed by a guided meditation.


A Workshop is a one-time special event focused on a specific area of knowledge and practice. A Workshop is usually 1.5 – 2 hours.


Class series allow you to deepen your practice over time. Each class session in a series presents information and practices that build upon previous sessions and culminate in a package of coordinated knowledges and practices.


Retreat is an extended period of learning and practice. Half-Day (3 hours) or Day-Long (6 hours) retreats can help you deepen your practice and increase your ability to meditate by maintaining extended periods of mindfulness. A retreat usually consists of silence throughout the day, some instruction, sitting meditation and walking meditation.